Young Minds
A Jewish Day Schools Forum

The editors of Reform Judaism magazine welcome your participation in this international Day School Students Forum about heroes, flawed Bible characters, God, Hebrew, tikkun olam, technology, and the Jewish day school experience. Answer as many of the 7 questions below as you wish or read responses given by other students.

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Who in Jewish life would you call your hero and why?

The Jewish characters in the Bible often get into trouble. Why?

What do you believe Judaism is trying to tell us about God? Is God important in your life?

Is the idea of tikkun olam, "repairing the world," important to you?

How important is it for all Jews to learn Hebrew?

Is the advancement in technology a positive development for the Jewish future?

What has the Jewish day school experience been like for you? At times do you feel somewhat sheltered from the rest of society?

Union for Reform Judaism.